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What is C&B ?

Chit - an official note of giving / receiving information.

Bridge - something that makes it easier to make a change from one situation to another.

C & B- Specifically for business needs connecting any number of entities starting from consumer* onwards

* Consumer, retail, wholesale, distributors, production, raw material suppliers , logistics etc

Why C&B ?

Virtual Store - Setting up virtual store irrespective of the size and *Domain

Business Status - Current Status of Business is broadcasted (OPEN, CLOSED, AWAY)

Product List - Hosting of Materials/Services

Search - Search all the registered Business entities either by Name or by Street Name

Mail box - Speicalised for Business Reason
Compose, send, receive, reply and forward are redefined from normal mail concept

Compose - Create Chit

Input - Input for compose can be from product list - either your's or someone else

Chit Status - Various Status update for every Chit (Accepted , in progress, Finished etc)

Status Log - Audit trail of Chit Status

Connectivity - Network with any number of users

Transaction - Monetary! and Non Monetary

* domain - can vary from Pharma , FMCG, Hardware , construction, chemical industry etc
! Any Currency in the GLOBE including "Bridge Point System (BPS)"
(BPS referred as ## - a non Currency used for any other reason , say marks of a Student)

Complexity ?

User friendly - A single Page Application similar to Mailing concept.

Representation - Icons are used to overcome the language barrier.

Similarity - Gmail or YAHOO! or WhatsApp.

Where C & B ?

Entry and Exit - Any business process like procurement , sales and negotiation

Other Usage - Chit can be modified for different reason so different class of business can be benefited

Example - 1) Doctor, Patient, clinic, Lab, Pharma

- 2) School, Class, Parent, Student (to convey the marks of a Student)
Note : A Consumer being a Patient and the Father of a student receives all his information in his login id

- 3) Banking / Insurance / Industrial Domain
Any process where the workflow cannot be predicted
A reason where multiple stakeholders from different organisation involved
(Failed transaction in BACS / CLAIMS processing )

How C & B ?

Consumer - For the end consumer, a single log-in to connect with all their needs

Business - On-line presence for every business

Service - Serving consumers in and around the proximity

Availability - Realistic Business status and product status

Suitability - Best fit for a circumstance
product, price, quantity, availability, delivery etc

Usability - Supply Chain management
- Realistic forecast based on Demand
- Simplified Customer Relationship Management
- Repository of business history
- Planing the future





1. What is CHIT & BRIDGE (C&B) Portal?


2. How does C & B differs from any other collaboration tools like GMAIL , WHATSAPP etc?


3. Who can REGISTER on the C&B portal?


4. What is the difference between “Personal” & “Business” users/registration?


5. Do I have to register to use the C&B portal?

6. Why I need a Bridge ID?

7. What is the difference between login ID & Bridge ID?


8. What are the benefits of using the C&B portal?


9. Do I have to pay to use the C&B portal?


10. Can I view C&B portal in my own (regional) language?


11. Can I do the transaction in multiple or my regional currency?


12. Is it a billing solution?


13. Why C&B portal is not providing payment gateway integration

14. Can I make payment through C&B portal?


15. Is there a mobile App for C&B Portal?


16. New age apps are full of images, why is C&B portal is predominantly textual?


17. How Reply option is used in C&B portal?


18. Do I need to add users (supplier & consumers) to my contact frequently?


19. How do I remove an entry from preference?


20. C&B portal sounds and looks similar to Mailbox, will it be compatible with common mail like GMAIL?



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